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What are backlinks?

Very simply, a Backlink is when one website links to another. Search engines like Google, follow these links and see it as a ‘recommendation’ from one website to another. For SEO Services in Bangkok, Backlinks are an important part of the Thai SEO process and along with good quality content are the major ranking factors for SEO rankings.

Are all backlinks equal?

Nope. You should always be thinking of quality over quantity when it comes to Backlinks for our website. There are a few metrics that you should consider when sourcing Backlinks to your website.

  • Relevancy

    Does the source website have any relevance to yours? For example, if you own a Thai recruitment business, it doesn’t make sense if you have links pointing to you from a German donut factory.

  • Anchor Text

    In general you want to try in include the Keywords you are trying to rank for within the Anchor text. This helps tell search engines like Google what the ‘recommendation’ is for.

  • Authentic

    The more authentic and authoritative a website is, the stronger the link will be. All of our sites rank well for their target keywords and attract organic search traffic.

  • Do Follow

    The are 2 types of links, ‘do follow’ and ‘no follow’. Google and other search engines will ignore all ‘no follow’ links, hence they won’t have any positive effect on your SEO performance.

  • Unique Domains

    A link from any domain will only count once. Even if you have 100 links come to your website, if they’re all from the same domain (URL) it will only count as 1.

  • Contextual

    Links which are placed contextually within content will have move value then stand alone links in sidebars, headers & footers etc.

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Who buys links?

At Media Partners we work with a range of clients including dedicated SEO agencies, 360 Marketing companies, Freelance marketers and In-house SEO teams.

Why are these links the best?

To get the best results, which will last, you need to create a link profile that is a natural as possible. Our links are from genuine sites which Google knows and trusts. There is ZERO chance of any negative affect.

All of our links are placed naturally within content on sites that have been vetted and approved by our experts.

Keyword Boost

Below are some examples of ranking increases once our links have indexed. Every campaign is different, but usually customers start seeing movement after the first 4 weeks.


If you have conducted your own outreach campaigns before, you’ll understand the hours required to source and maintain good relationships with site owners, therefor we cannot provide a full list of our network, however here are a few examples of some of the sites we work with.

Our Policies

To ensure the performance of our resource and minimize any risk to clients we have strict policies that your target URL does not have any of the following;